I was off work on Friday so I went to have a little booze in Birmingham with a former colleague and good friend who I’ve not had a drink with since last August. I alighted at New Street and the first mission was to grab essentials in the form of energy drink, scratchcard and peppermint Aero. These may not sound like essentials but I needed a boost as I still wasn’t feeling very lively after Craig had forced me to drink copius ammounts of Baileys in the Walsall Arms the previous evening. I also need to win some money and I’d been craving an Aero since they came up in conversation in the pub earlier in the week.

With these items sourced it was off to meet Madels (Mad Les as he is affectionately known). We were meeting up in The Wellington but I bumped into him outside The Briar Rose so we dived in there. They had Backyard Blonde on and my rule is if you ever see Walsall beer on sale outside of the great place it has to be ordered so we had one each and it was in excellent form.

We moved onto The Wellington and were greeted in the doorway by one of the pub cats. After initiating a quick fuss we moved inside and for a pint of Phoenix Brewery “Midsummer Madness” I’d never heard of this brewery or beer but as I was drinking with the maddest person I know it seemed quite apt. We moved to the upper level outside terrace and had a pleasant hour, disrupted only by a psychotic wasp who made a beeline sorry, waspline straight to me forcing me into an unplanned out break of my I don’t like wasps dance. Once it had gone I glanced round and I was getting some strange looks from the other customers. No change there though.

I like a sign giving permission.
I appreciate that you want a pint, but I’m not sitting here for the fun of it. Fuss me.
Someone has started the civil disobedience in The Wellington

From there we moved onto The Canal House where it was a gasp inducing £11.50 for two Budvars. Once I’d recovered from that it was sitting outside surrounded by lots of nice looking ladies in the glorious Friday afternoon sunshine. This place had also got a built in photo booth which I’ve not seen in a pub before, only portable ones. If I’d have been recreating adverts still, I’d have grabbed a cigar and gone for the classic 80’s Hamlet one.

Photobooth in a pub. Ideal if you need a pint on your way to get a passport.

We had a Oakham JHB in The Figure Of 8 and then moved on towards The Bulls Head which was the main reason for the visit. We passed Coyote Ugly which was blasting out Oasis. A decent visit to the Bulls Head followed, although that research is going into another blog so I won’t mention it now. We approached Coyote Ugly again and it was still blasting out the hits of Oasis. So Madels suggested we go in. I like Oasis, but I was very much in the Blur camp back in the day, although I welcomed the time that the window opened and you were allowed to like both.

The bar in Coyote Ugly is very long and has no hand pulls on it as the beers are dispensed from the back wall. They must do dancing on the bar like in the film and I clocked a sign warning people not to touch the dancers. I was tempted to put the Cathy Dennis classic “Touch Me All Night Long” on the jukebox just to see how things stood legally while that was on but I opted not to. Good job really as we got talking to two lads outside who had put £20 in the jukebox and had picked just Oasis songs. My number 2 hit of their’s “Stand By Me” came on and it was all very pleasant. My fave song “Acquiesce” didn’t make an appearance though. I should have told them to get another £20 out. I’m playing it now though as I type this so it’s all good.

Stand By Me. Madels (on the left) with the Oasis fans.
I’m fully booked for the next hour. Go and have some Cigarettes & Alcohol and come back to me yeah?

From there we ventured to The Soloman Cutler and finished up in The Post Office Vaults. The last pint/piss pub of the night in Birmingham is an important title and was held by The Yard Of Ale until that place’s sad closure. The Shakespeare then took on this vital role until being usurped by The Post Office Vaults. We both had heard it hadn’t reopened after lockdown but as we approached the door was open. Deep joy. I had a Green Duck ZPA (Zesty Pale Ale) which was first class. And then it was train time, and the POV is excellently located by New Street.

Absolutely superb day. And I won £2 on the scratchcard.