It had been a busy, stressful week with no time to myself but come Friday evening I had no plans, and although this blog was on hiatus until after the pantomime I thought I’d pop out on a little solo pub crawl and see if I could gather any material. I love a pub crawl on my own but try not to do it often but this one didn’t disappoint. I also needed to test the camera on my new phone so apologies in advance for all the pictures on this edition.

First up was The Lyndon Hotel. This has recently changed hands after being owned by the Towe family for 26 years. Disappointingly I didn’t manage to get in during the last week of the old ownership and this was my first chance to get in since the take over.

The Lyndon featuring some of the road works which have taken over the town recently.

Whilst waiting to be served a lady approached the bar putting a scarf around her neck. “I’m going to go” she announced to a man at the bar. He turned and handed her a large glass of wine. She accepted it without comment and sat back down at the table. Someone else so easily swayed by booze. What a lady.

Numerous real ales were still on, which was the main thing. A choice of two Enville ales were available so I went for Enville White as white is my favourite colour so it had to be done. The pub was very busy but I found a gap to sit down and relax a bit. A barmaid came round doing a collection for someone who was celebrating her birthday but also leaving her job at the pub. She went to the table next to me, ignored me, went to neighbouring table on the other side, then ignored the next one. Odd way to do things but I pledged to put the £2 I would have chucked in, into my end of night Baileys fund.

Next up was Black Country Arms. I went for Mallinsons Columbus. I’ve been to the Mallinsons brewery in Huddersfield so it was nice to have their beer even though it was on handpull number 13. Double bad whammy for me with it being an odd and unlucky number. I also opted for a pork and stuffing cob as I’d not really had tea. I’d just rustled up 2 crumpets, Salt Bae I most certainly am not. After ascending the stairs carefully so as not to spill beer and making notes from the previous pub with the cob winking at me my mouth was watering like I’d had 5 packs of Opal Fruits. The cob was ace and was quickly devoured.

David Bailey I’m not either.
Friday night dinner. Ace cob and beer in a proper glass.
The BCA toilet floor. I like to imagine that the baddy out of Terminator 2 is going to emerge out of it.

From there I went to The Victoria (Katz) where the amazing SeaCider Raspberry Ripple was on, so I grabbed a pint of that and dashed upstairs to have a blast on the free retro gaming machine. I had a fantastic half hour playing Metal Slug, a ridiculously good mid 90’s shoot em up where you are up against it all the time but can also take out enemies who are sunbathing, roasting chickens over a fire or just having a natter. I completed the game using just 28 continues.

Katz with traffic cone marking the start of the newest set of road works which started this week.

From there it was off to the Walsall Arms. The disco was in full flow and it was ace. During the playing of the amazing Billy Ocean song “Red Light Spells Danger” a lass beckoned me up to dance. My God, this never happens so I was up and throwing some shapes within seconds. I don’t have much history of dancing with the ladies as I am always too scared to ask due to my confidence levels fluctuating between “absolute zero” and the lofty heights of “negligible”. The last time I asked a lady she went immediately straight on full Eddy Grant mode “I Don’t Wanna Dance”. Anyway once up there was no stopping me and I carried on dancing, even staying for an additional pint than I had planned. I forgot the Baileys though. Oh well, the £2 can go into Saturday’s steak pie fund.

Wrap your Walsall Arms all around me.

Breakfast on Saturday came courtesy of St Matthews Hall, our town’s Wetherspoons. It was a bit Challenge Anneka to make the 11.30 cut off due to a much needed long lie in, general lethergy, a late mossive mug of tea, no show buses, diversions, one way systems and our old friend temporary traffic lights. I made it with 10 minutes to spare but felt really bad for the lad who arrived at 11.33 and was turned away for breakfast. He seemed generally gutted.

Two latte’s, breakfast, a wander around town and a Strawberry Slush Puppy later I headed to Katz again. My mate Pezza arrived and he gave me a lift to the match. I missed the first Walsall goal as I was still in the Bescot Bar but I was in the stand for our injury time winner and a beautiful moment it was too. Then it was back in the Bescot Bar for drinks with my niece Amber and a photo opportunity with legendary ex Walsall FC keeper Jimmy Walker.

Me and Super Jim.

From there we headed to Katz, then onto The Registry for the England match with lots of mates and then we ended up at Katz again. 3 visits in one day? My kind of hat-trick. I’m hoping for a signed ball off Jase and all the bar staff next time I go in.

So yeah, it’s been good. Amazing what good friends, booze and a late Walsall FC win can do to perk you up.