On Friday night it was the birthday drinks for friend of the blog Kate, in Wolverhampton. After an extremely busy day where I think I answered more phone calls than an minor celebrity on a television fundraiser, I think I’d earned a drink.

Kate’s birthday badge, made for her by Daz. Classic stuff.

Food was first on the agenda however, and it was a visit to a branch of my favourite chicken purveyor. I don’t really get to eat their food nowadays since they closed the Walsall town centre outlet, a decision that really makes me want to change the f in KFC.

As I walked off the Science Park where I work I was greeted by the sight of a man with a television camera and a younger lass being filmed in the middle of a road roundabout. I momentarily had the idea of running up being the lass and messing about like it’s the law to do behind reporters on Sky Sports News during transfer deadline day but I had chicken on my mind so the moment passed. Plus my agent would have been displeased at me being filmed without his permission.

The food was quickly demolished and it was beer time. Daz, Nat, Kate and Neil were already two pubs to the good as they had visited The Great Western and Moon Under Water but they’d moved on to the Hogshead by the time I was ready to meet them and the number 32 bus dropped me off right outside.

The Hogshead is a really cool bar although I was a bit miffed to see Halloween stuff all over the place. Far too early. For me Halloween decorations should have the same rule as Christmas ones. Put them up the day before and take them down 12 days afterwards.

I grabbed a pint of Robinson’s “Dizzy Blonde” (which was excellent) and settled down next to the others and beside a hand sanitiser station with a makeshift spiders web on it. Some bizarre discussions occurred, a lady was doing a live acoustic set and it was a really enjoyable visit. So we stopped for another.

Next up was The Posada. It was turning into a blonde evening as the beer choice in here was Ossett “Yorkshire Blonde” which was also in good nick. There is a beautiful old school jukebox in here which was blasting out “Drive” by R.E.M. Kate asked if I was putting any songs on but I said “nothing I put on can top this”. And none of the subsequent songs did either. As we left Kate made a reference to the Prince song “Raspberry Beret” about going out through the in door, and that was it. I was singing this all the way to the next pub. Which was by the fountain. Kate challenged me to dance in the fountain whilst singing said Prince song. I don’t often get the chance t impress the ladies so in I went. Not a great idea to get wet whilst the night is still young but it was a good laugh.

In The Posada.
I’m glad the words clarified hand dryer as my 1st glance at the picture I thought it was for drying something else.
Yeah, don’t dance in fountains kids. It’s not big or clever and you get wet. Fun though.

From there we went to The Lychgate Tavern and finally onto The Dog And Doublet. It was nice to visit this place as it’s one of my favourite Wolverhampton pubs. It bought back memories of my last visit where I was the only customer. I had a glance around and there was nobody in the vicinity so I let out a pretty decent fart thinking I would get away with it. Within 30 seconds the cute barmaid appeared to collect glasses. She didn’t comment on the smell but I still quickly supped up and left her to it. Said barmaid was not on duty on this visit.

Anyway there was another lady doing an acoustic set and she was really good, but we caught the end of her act and she was replaced by music through the speakers. I have theory that when I try to leave a pub they play a great song to try and make me stay and in this case it was “Hedonism” by Skunk Anansie. But I had a 529 bus to catch, so I said my goodbyes to the others and fled.

Upon leaving I was approached by one of those flower sellers but I said “I have no-one to buy a rose for” and she quickly walked away in search of better customers.

The 529 is a service created by Satan himself, and he pulled his finger out a treat this time as the bus I’d missed Hedonism for didn’t turn up, leaving a 30 minute for the next one. I normally stop in a pub in Willenhall on the way home from Wolvo to use the toilet and bar facilities but with the now later departure this wasn’t an option, so I popped in The Sunbeam next to the station, bought a bottle of Coke (in a glass bottle – result) used their loo and then jumped on the bus.

The driver of this bus must have been on a promise as he didn’t mess about and I was soon back in Walsall so a visit to The Tap & Tanner was called for. A couple of very pleasant pints followed, a guy doing a very loose and freestyle version of Simply The Best on the karaoke was a highlight but soon the last bus home at 00.27 was calling so I ran for it. A great evening.