I was last to the breakfast bar in the hotel again. I was ignored by the other two diners again. I polished off most of the orange juice again. But then things took a different turn. Instead of venturing to the Central Pier to lose money, I went back to bed. And it was ace.

As afternoon approached it was time to depart. As I left the hotel I wondered how long it would take for an odd incident to occur. I didn’t have to wait long. As I sat down at the tram stop, next to an elderly couple a tram heading to Fleetwood pulled up on the adjacent track. As it departed the elderly couple both waved then the lady shouted “bye. See you in Hell.” I know Galatasaray fans like waving Welcome To Hell banners but have Fleetwood Town fans started doing it too? As I pondered this I was waken from my thoughts by the always welcome sight of someone shitting themselves at being beeped by a tram whilst casually walking across the tracks.

This time I was off for drinks with Gareth and Sarah, the latter known to me as Lady Pub Challenge as it was her that spoke of the idea of said challenges. These two are an amazing couple and were travelling up from another part of Lancashire for refreshments.

Like Friday with Jane the meeting point was Cask & Tap. Sarah and Gareth were already there and there was joyous greetings. Then it was beer time. I am an absolute disciple to Green Duck Brewery in Stourbridge and they had a beer on of theirs that I’ve never seen “Session IPA”. It seemed a good place to start and it was ace.

Sarah, Gareth and me outside Cask And Tap.

We moved onto The Little Black Pug Bar. I’d wanted to tick off this place on my last visit to Blackpool in 2018 as the 7 points gleaned from the black in it’s name would have been useful on my Snooker 147 Pub Challenge, but events conspired (to quote the excellent band Ash). Despite earmarking it for an earlier visit I had no idea what the place looked like. Oh my God, it’s magnificent inside and out. Like stately home with a bar. I got a friendly greeting from the dj on the way in and upon leaving the toilet shortly afterwards there was the great sight of her and the barmaid having a good dance. More examples of the joy that Blackpool brings to people.

Just magnificent. Cheers to Sarah for use of the picture.

It was time for more North Pier action and a bar that Jane had put on our itinerary for the previous. Because I’m me, and very disorganised I hadn’t looked at the list of places Jane had complied so I marched us down to the end of the pier looking for what I assumed was a real bar. I finally checked the list and we were after a bar called Bloom. Which we were right by. Of course I mad a beeline for it without checking for traffic and I basically walked in front of the piers miniature train thing. I didn’t get beeped but I wouldn’t have moaned if I had due to enjoying someone else getting one earlier. I am a big believer in Karma. We had a quick drink here and departed. I nearly got taken out by the train again which was hurtling towards me as I paid no attention. We passed of those Carousel with Garth commenting that the horses were moving faster than any of the ones he had backed at Cheltenham.

Next up was 1887 The Brew Room. There was only one other customer as we entered and the barman exclaimed “wow, people” as we approached. The beer was good in here, as was the music. Not many pubs play The Vaccines so “If You Wanna” was very welcome. By no I had the munchies and spotted that the place did a footlong hot dog. I needed this in my life. I asked the others if they wanted food which they declined but upon arrival of mine they changed their minds. While they ate I found a Scrabble board and opted to start with some of my favourite words like Walsall FC and Lucy Verasamy. Gareth then got involved and we spent a wonderful few minutes filling the board with childish rude words. Great fun. There were a few more drinkers in by the time we left which was good to see.

A hotdog with perfect length and girth.
Toilet door in Brew Room.

Sarah wanted to visit Thirsty? and I was more than happy to go back. Odd incident in here as I managed to spill my drink all over the table and parts of Sarah. I still don’t know how I did it. I don’t spill beer as a rule, and can mosh around in The Trough to Green Day with a full pint and not spill a drop. Sorry again Sarah.

Spotted on the way to Thirsty? I may buy this on my visit, just to warn visitors to my house.
I think I’m too fat for this instruction.

They had time for one more drink before getting the train so we headed back to Cask And Tap as it was handy for the station for them and close to the trams for me.

Cask And Tap toilet. I have never flushed a urinal before.

After leaving there I opted for one last drink. I was still on holiday and it wasn’t yet 6pm. I headed back to the North Pier and surveyed. I could only hear a dj in one of them, so that got the nod. It was time for Shenanigans. This is an Irish bar with, it’s fair to say poor reviews on Pubs Galore but upon entry I got the feeling it was going to be a good visit. It was £4.60 for a Strongbow Darkfruit so I decided to nurse this pint for a while.

Happy to confirm that I didn’t go in Eden 2 Gentlemen’s Club. Despite being up for some fun and fantasy.

As soon as I sat down the dj played “Red Light Spells Danger”. What a start. I like it when a dj knows his audience. Whilst enjoying this song someone pressed the big red button marked “another odd incident” and it duly arrived. A man came up to my right shoulder and asked “is this where we are sitting?” I looked round and said “what?” “oh” he replied “I thought you were my wife because she’s got a bald head.” He then sat at the next table and lady joined him who wasn’t bald. I don’t mind people taking the pee out of my bald head but at least make it make sense please. To be fair I was just disappointed that he didn’t go full on Papa Lazarou from League Of Gentlemen and shout “you’re my wife now Dave”.

This was a great visit and the final song I heard was one I simply don’t know the name or artist of despite hearing it millions of times. It goes something like “tell me more when I go home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone”. I could Google it but it’s Saturday morning as I type ths and I’m eager to get our for breakfast. Anyway this song prompts two couples to get up and start dancing, when one couple visibly more vigorously than the other.

Towards the end of this number one of the lads squatted down and started doing a gym moves style of dance. A gent on his way to the bar at this point made a beeline for my table and paused long enough to mutter “it’s fucking odd in here.” He was staying for another pint though so fair play to him.

Naturally I had to use the loos and I was amused to see that the hand dryer had a protective wooded shield. Never seen that in a pub before.

“I may be a handdrier, but tonight Matthew I want to be a bird box”.

It was time to call it a night. I found a Chinese on the way back so rounded off the weekend devouring king prawn fried rice in my room whilst listening to Nick Abbott on LBC.

Absolutely brilliant weekend. Blackpool I love you and I will be back. Cheers to Jane, Sarah and Gareth for the company and good times.