Yep, I’ve been wandering around visiting more food places and eating lots. All good. Here are the next 5 reviews.

B. Bun & Wings, Ablewell Street. Walsall.

This place opened on March 7th. I was peckish and impatient and went in that day. Situated in what was Nessa’s, a curry house where I always wanted to shout “oh, what’s occurring?” upon entry, and I still had the urge to do it this time despite the name change.

Crap angle due to infuriating roadworks.

My colleague Lindsey misheard when I announced I was visiting here and thought I’d said Bum & Wings, which sounds like a Kat Slater Bo’ Selecta! spin off show.

The place was busy on arrival but I got served quickly. I was going to have a soft drink but changed my mind when I saw someone going at the machine with a screwdriver so I had a milkshake instead which was epic. I had the kebab meat cheeseburger which was messy, good messy though and was very enjoyable. I would have had wings too but I had a bus journey to a Walsall CAMRA meeting to get to so time was short. Food good, friendly welcoming staff and a great first visit.

As good as what you’d get in Kelis’s yard.
This, I can get on board with.

S. Scabby Oss Cafe, King Street. Darlaston.

This is a new cafe that opened in February and a big thanks to Lindsey for flagging this one up to me.

A friendly welcome was received and my £4.50 medium breakfast arrived quickly and it was good. I polished the lot off.

The two members off staff were going out of their way to check things were okay with the customers.

I liked the way the coasters and mugs all had the scabby oss logo on them, and it was a nice relaxed place with a fair few fellow diners. I don’t get to Darlaston often nowadays but I’ll give this another visit soon.

As the saying goes “I could eat a scabby oss”.

P. Pisces. Wolverhampton Road. Walsall.

I’m a Taurus. I have all the traits, loyal, stubborn etc. One of the best star signs that Taurus is compatible with is Pisces, so I had to tick this place off although I don’t really bother with astrology nowadays having been let down several times by Mystic Meg.

I no longer need a bus pass for work and this was the last day of having one before it expired so I jumped on a 529 from town. Whilst I hate that bus service, it’s is okay when going for food on a sunny evening rather than work at 6.40 on a cold dark morning.

I walked in and the lady behind the counter was having the conversation of her life on the phone, which was okay as it gave me chance to peruse the menu. It was quite a call and I thought she really should have waited until after 6 o’clock when it’s cheaper. Is that still a thing? I’d like to think so.

Anyway, I went for £5 mini fish and chips. The lady served up, applied vinegar then salt which I really thought she had got the wrong way round. She then lifted the fish and applied more salt. She closed the lid, opened it again and applied more salt. At my old job we sold 25kg sacks of salt and I wondered if she’d ordered a couple of these too many and was trying to shift the stock. I also made a mental note to not a book a blood pressure test for the foreseeable future.

The food was okay. Nothing special. I probably won’t rush back here.

M. Mother Hubbard’s, Pleck Road. Walsall.

This place opened in September last year and as an opening offer sold fish and chips at 45p for the first 1000 customers. The local press picked up on this reporting the queues as being 3 miles long. Seriously Walsall has not seen queues like since tickets for our first visit to Wembley went on sale in 2015 (and to a lesser degree when Rocky IV opened at the ABC cinema)

Jane and myself had found the Blackpool branch of this chain on my recent visit to there and it was ace so i was eager to see if the Walsall one could compare. Had the man from Del Monte been with me he would definitely have said yes.

There was a friendly welcome, the lad clocked my Walsall FC hat and fleece and engaged in a quick bit of small talk. I ordered the fish and chips along with gravy and obligatory can of Apple Tango.

Do it. Do it now,

Whilst awaiting my food I checked the decor, 6 massive pictures of Walsall landmarks, and in the ceiling was a long screen showing what I guessed to be Finding Nemo characters.

The food arrived quickly and it was ace. Chips chunky, fish amazing and the gravy was stodgy, how it should be. The guy behind the counter said I could shout if I needed anything and upon departing checked that I’d enjoyed my food. Good customer service. My God, this was a superb visit. I’m drooling as I type this and I shall be going back soon. It’s a 15 minute walk from work so it’s happening again soon. I can see me visiting so often they’ll take out a restraining order. You need to check this place out.

£8.85 for this lot.

H. Hot Wok, Wednesbury Road. Walsall.

Another new place, this one just a few weeks old and located on the edge of Wednesbury Road a stones throw from the legendary Hillary Street. First thing that I noticed were the two televisions on the wall. Both switched off. I never watch the tv in the house so it was nice that they had made this effort to make me feel at home.

Another crap angle as I didn’t want the staff to see me taking the picture.

It was food ordering time and I was thrown at being asked my name as this has never happened before and I was the only customer. I was going for the box meal. First you have to give the size regular or large (large obvs), then your base, egg fried rice, egg noddles or chips (I can eat rice all day long so only one winner there). Finally it’s the good stuff and it’s chicken (yum yum), Vegetable (retching at the thought of this), beef (potential) or for an extra pound prawn (I adore prawns but I’m also a tight wad) so I opted for chicken. Finally there is a choice of sauce. Now I know I’m a writer and I love a word count but I can’t be arsed to list the sauces. Sorry.

I stepped back from the counter, got my phone out to make notes and went straight into my own little world. I was startled when the chef called out Mikee (and pronounced it correctly). I’d only written a few words. Excellent speedy service.

There is nowhere to sit inside so I went outside and within seconds an 11A (nee 313) bus arrived so I jumped on that. The benches outside St Paul’s Church have long since disappeared so I sat behind the big headed fountain thing on The Bridge and tucked in. It was really good, but next time I’m going for the sweet butter prawn and king prawn fingers. Determined to have that goodness without paying the extra pound.

If you really want to know the sauces, here they are. I went for Kung Po.

That’s it for this edition. I’m looking forward to the next 5 although my Z choice has closed down so that needs a rethink. Cheers.