Yesterday was a bit odd. I was meant to be going to Milton Keynes but I made the last second decision not to go. The coach had no toilet and I deduced that a day of drinking, a weak bladder and no toilet wasn’t a good mix.

I went to Wetherspoons and had a mug of tea, followed by the obligatory free refill then went back home. I grabbed another cuppa and went back to bed. I was still knackered from the day before at work. When I accepted the job my hours were 8.30 until 5. Of late it’s been 7.30 until 6 and doing this the day before, marching around the warehouse all shift in 30 degree heat had taken it out of me, so a bit more bed time did me no harm at all.

Josh phoned on the afternoon asking if I wanted to go and see a band in Coventry on the evening. Thinking their might be some blog material in it, I jumped at the chance. My previous Saturday’s blog mission had gone up in smoke when trains from Walsall to Rugeley were cancelled to due to trespassers on the line, which is a totally wank reason to cancel, especially as we all got to stand and watch as the train on the platform then departed empty towards the trespassers.

So I’d gone one Saturday without material, this days mission to MK was off and next Saturdays totally whacky one night trip to Kent was out due to the train strike so I was grateful for this trip to Cov.

It was absolutely pissing down upon arrival at The Albany Club but we weren’t too moist upon getting in which was a result.

I asked Josh who the band was and I thought he said Plastic Door but he confirmed it was Plastic Dog. “Think of Love Island” he said but I’ve never seen that programme so this hint was wasted on me.

Plastic Dog. Great band.

The band came on and opened with “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. I’m no fan of Led Zep and I detest this song. I considered going and standing in the rain for a bit but my view was being blocked by a tall, broad grey haired man who I nicknamed Mr Gilbert (from The Inbetweeners) so I got my phone out and tried to block out the music.

Things improved. The nexy two songs were “Sitting On The Dock Of A Bay” and “All Along The Wtchtower” which were superb renditions.

There were a few folk in, some nice ladies which really made me wish I’d had a shave and put a shirt on. As the first half continued we moved from behind Mr Gilbert and really got into the night now I could see the band. The barmaid was very smiley and friendly which is always good.

As the first half drew to a close I even started to dance along to “You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Love Somebody” (BeeGee’s?). Unfortunately during the dancing my hand lightly brushed Mr Gilbert’s arse. Nothing was said though so he either didn’t feel it or liked it.

The band finished their first half set and on came Phil Collins with “You Can’t Hurry Love”. All of a sudden the dancefloor which had been empty all night was full of women dancing. The band must have been like “wtf?”. I joined in the dancing of course and was giving it portions to “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” and a woman walked past and gave me a big smile. Typically there was no toilet attendant in the place or I’d have been straight n there/ “Mate I need a shave, after shave and a shirt please. Here’s a pound”.

As the interval continued a lady came round with a tray of sandwiches which I happily opted to indulge in but as as I want to make my selection the lady next to me caught the underside of the tray with her flailing arm. Fortunately I stopped the tray launching and grabbed a couple of them. It was a panicky second though. Anyway I’ve never danced with a cheese sandwich in each hand before so I hope that was a good look.

I popped to the loo and as I departed the urinal I noticed Mr Gilbert had followed me to the gents. He clearly didn’t mind the arse incident.

The second half was also good but mindful that we had yo be back at The Walsall Arms before they closed the door, we departed before the end.

On the way over I’d found out that like myself Josh is also a fan motorway geekiness and we’d had a good chat about various routes and it was now that I declared that one of my ambitions when I pass my test is to drive on the M45 which has one of the lowest traffic volumes of all motorway traffic and driving along it apparently is like going back to the 1950’s.

We made it back to Walsall Arms just as Allison was about to close the door. Stunning time keeping and a nice feel of Challenge Anneka to round the night off.

Class evening. You just can’t beat live music.