Let’s Go Inside.

I’m a lower league football fan so I’m used to spending time outside in the wind and rain with minimal protection from the elements. It’s one thing doing that whilst cheering on your beloved team, but quite different to do it just to have a pint. So today sees indoor supping resuming and the reopeningContinue reading “Let’s Go Inside.”

Let’s Go Outside

The pubs are open. Well the outsides, toilets and the bar are but it’s a start. I said I’d be good and not go until the Friday. I stuck to my word despite having two invites on Monday within minutes of each other and another for Thursday so as you can bet by Friday IContinue reading “Let’s Go Outside”

This Weeks Waffle.

World Book Day.So this annual festival happened this week and people wear outfits like literary characters. I got into it this time. I’m sure there is a scruffy twat in a book somewhere so I dressed up as him and went to work. That ended my involvement other than reading the Metro on the busContinue reading “This Weeks Waffle.”


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